Pricing and Payments

Martial Arts Uniform Alteration Prices
Item Description Price
Uniform Patches (EA patch is $3)

Dobak Patches (1 uniform)


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Dobak Patches (2 uniforms)


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Martial Arts Uniform Trim (Kids)

Dobak (Martial Arts Kids Uniform) Trim


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Martial Arts Uniform Trim (Adults)

Dobak Trim (Martial Arts Adults Uniform)


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Martial Arts Uniform Legs/Arms Hemming

Dobak Hemming Legs/Arms


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Other Alteration and Sewing Prices
Item Description Price
Dress, Skirt, or Pants Hemming $10
Shorten Sleeves $10
Remove and Add Zipper $15
Specialty items are the cost of materials and $15 an hour.

PraiseMoves Class Pricing and Payments

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PraiseMoves Drop-in Class


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PraiseMoves Two Days A Week Class


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PraiseMoves Three Days A Week


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